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Welcome at Sun-Arts door curtains (anti fly curtains).

The Sun-Arts door curtains prevent flying insects from entering for the duration of the entire summer. Choose from a wide collection of designs and colours of our ready made anti fly door curtains which are sold through our dealers. View other pages for additional information.

Why a Sun-Arts anti fly door curtain in your dooropening?

1 The best recognised quality solution against incoming flying insects.

2 Stylisch solutions in many colours and patterns.

3 The curtains are easily shortened or extended.

4 A large selection of excellent quality curtains allowing a lifecycle of many years.

5 Fixing is possible on and in the door rack.

6 Material to extent the curtain in length and width are also available.

7 User friendly solution for children and pets.

8 Easy and fast to clean.

9 The curtains are suitable for houses, boats, caravans, second houses, as room dividers and an alternative for cabinet-doors.